Best Passive Income Ideas in 2023.

Before I start this post, I want to tell everyone a couple of things about making money online.

  1. First of all skill is very important to the things I am going to cover in this post. If you develop it first, you will be able to achieve something in this, and you will not be able to act on anything like a book on how to learn English in 30 days.
  2. The second most important thing is that nothing can be achieved in a short period of time. It took me 8 months to earn my first dollar. It took almost two years to reach a substantial amount. Persistence, calmness, hard work, and a can-do attitude will accelerate your chances of success. None of this will happen to you overnight.

What is Passive Income?

Everyone must know about Passive Income Ideas in the current internet world. In short, it is a gold mine. This way you can learn another form of money making trick along with your average job earning money. The bottom line is that the hard work you put in today is likely to pay off for the rest of your life. Passive Income is a trick to earn money while you sleep.

Warren Buffett, the world’s greatest investor, said,

“If you don’t learn the trick of making money while you sleep, you’ll spend the rest of your life working for other people.”

So in this post I will share with you the 5 most critical Passive Income Ideas I know:

1. YouTube

The first Passive Income Idea I would like to mention is YouTube . Why I mention this is because this is where my internet journey started. Basically I am a mechanical engineer. Getting caught up in the culture of the corporate world and immersed in future-oriented thinking is the commitment to learning web-based things. I quit my job and started a YouTube channel without really thinking about anything.

My mindset was like what would happen if someone who knew nothing was suddenly thrown into the river. Either I sink or I sink. I got a broad experience of youtube by learning little by little without diving in as much as possible.

I spent a lot of time on this. Many sleepless nights tell my story. Earning money on YouTube is something that everyone knows by now. Just put your skills in front of the speaker and start talking. If you have real desire and drive, you will learn little by little how to carry it out.

Take the time to learn all the basics about it first. I will post more details about YouTube in subsequent posts.

2. Blogging

I came to know about blogging only after starting my YouTube channel . No idea how to implement this. I have learned this by watching many videos on YouTube. You can also become a blogger on website for free.

But I wanted to create my own website. Learned everything from scratch and built two websites for myself. You can earn money by writing posts about what people are searching for the most on the web.

This requires you to post continuously for at least one year. First choose the right field for you and upload your posts daily. Little by little its views increase and you can earn money through AdSense.

3. Freelancing

Freelancing is when you do a job for someone else from home. First of all know about it and create an account with dedicated websites and you can get them according to your ability and earn money.

But in the beginning it is very difficult to get orders. If you get an order first, do it well and get a good rating. You are likely to receive subsequent orders with a good rating. The most popular websites are Freelancer, Fiverr and Upwork.

4. Selling Online Courses or E-Books.

In this corona period we have seen that everything has shifted to the internet. All the schools and colleges have been able to provide education to the students through internet. Hence, the Internet will be indispensable in the future. If you have any talent in it, you can make a considerable amount of money by teaching it to others over the internet.

Things that most people don’t know about can be made into a video or a book and sold online. I earned a hundred bucks with my first e-book Pain Makes You Stronger. 100 rupees is a very small amount but the method by which it was earned is unusual.

If you’re selling the right thing in a book or video that people need, they’re more likely to buy it. Try anything and you will understand its true nature.

5. Affiliate Marketing

Finally, I know you all are looking for this one. The work of fasting without looking. All the other fields will require you to put more effort. But you can make money by getting people to buy other people’s products through affiliate marketing.

But the problem with this is who you are going to get to buy. If you often go to your friends and send links to buy this and buy that, our whole family will be roped in. So you can spend a little money on it and earn money by advertising the product you want people to buy through Instagram Ads, Facebook Ads, and Google Ads.

For first timers it is better to try Amazon Affiliate . Although they pay very low commission, it is very useful to know about it in the beginning. Yet to join another affiliate network, some will expect a website and some marketing resources. Don’t expect anything like this from Amazon. You can easily start an Amazon Affiliate.

Give it a try and I guarantee you will experience another evolution of making money. Above all, the experience you get from this will make you different.

Below are links to my youtube, website, quora, instagram, podcast etc. If you wish, you can get anything you need from it.

In this I have described only 5 methods of earning money. The internet is flooded with stuff like this that you can’t even imagine. We have to prepare ourselves for the future.



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