According to me a different way of making money that most people don’t know about is Make Money Online.

6 Things one should avoid While Trying to Make Money Online
6 Things one should avoid While Trying to Make Money Online

In this post you can see an analysis combined with my experiences.
Most of the people have a lot of doubts when it comes to making money on the internet like what should I do, how should I do it and how will I get paid for it? Especially in this, there are many people who think that they can try and find success in the same way that other people make money.

Know one thing. The internet market is much bigger than you think. If many people here are earning millions, why can’t you earn thousands if you try?.

Those who want to make money online should consider working for you instead of working for others.

Those who really want to make it, stay away from data entry, typing, internet surveys etc.
Develop some kind of content creation skill.

  1. Video (Youtube)
  2. Writing (Blog Articles)
  3. Audio (Podcasts)

It is better to choose whichever one you prefer out of these three. Or try it out and see what works for you.

6 Things one should avoid While Trying to Make Money Online in 2023:

Of course, saying that I earn so much and bought these expensive things is not going to change anything in you. Because Make Money Online is not about believing in others, it’s about believing in what you actually feel.

Even if I earn one lakh or ten thousand rupees, it is of no benefit to you. Your earnings are entirely dependent on your hard work and skill.

So it is absolutely foolish to decide whether you should try it or not by looking at someone else’s payment proof. I have no hesitation in stating this openly.

1) Stop giving reasons why you didn’t try:-

When you try something different, surely people around you will see you differently. You will be asked many questions. If you don’t succeed you will be ridiculed in many ways.

Don’t listen to any of this. Because they know absolutely nothing about it.

Also, don’t stay at zero level without trying anything, saying that you don’t have the right skills yourself, what if someone sees this in our house, how can I succeed among so many people on the internet, I can’t speak properly, I can’t write, I don’t know how to make a video.
Believe me we can learn little by little no matter what.

2) Learn to cope with Emptiness:-

Making money online is not as glamorous as other ways of making money. There will be no one to work with you. There will be no person to talk to. You have to do everything yourself. Often lonely. You should be prepared to deal with this.

Sometimes creating content feels worse than death. You have to have the maturity to accept and handle such an empty situation.

This can be easily overcome if you realize that as a content creator you are helping others in some way.

3) Setting Goals only:-

Mere goals will not take you to victory here. No matter how many people claim to achieve a thousand things, not everyone achieves them.

“ I’m going to start a company and employ tens of thousands of people ” would be nice to hear.

But what are the challenges, what to know first, how to start, who to hire is very difficult to decide and implement. We can implement it bit by bit.

So don’t just have goals, try to build the ladder to success in your chosen subject one by one. That will make you successful. Try to learn all kinds of basics first, depending on the particular field you want to try. That will inspire you to think about what to do next.

4) Ignore Negative review.

If you’re going to do something on the internet, it means you’re going to be dealing with a lot of different people. Many people will agree with your views and some will disagree with your views. So don’t listen to negative things such people say.

If you can make them understand then make them understand, or it is better to remain silent without reacting to such comments. No, if I can’t accept opposing views, you don’t agree with this field.

Many people have insulted me. I don’t even know why some people are cursing. Just grit your teeth and move on.

5) Don’t be afraid of losing anything in life:-

Thinking about making money online is like buying a lottery ticket. It is impossible to say exactly when and where you will succeed. You have to try many things and find out what works best for you.

The biggest problem for those who opt for this field is the fear that maybe if we don’t succeed, we will miss out on other things that we should get in life.

If you get this fear, you too will revert to a mediocre lifestyle. This average way of life will make you feel comfortable and stuck in a circle so that you don’t try anything else. So whatever you do, don’t get distracted by anything, just keep your focus on the action.

6) Wrong advice:-

If you take up the internet industry, you will have a wide range of advice available to you. Why even I can teach you many subtleties. To tell you the truth, no matter how many subtleties I say, you will not agree unless you try and experience it yourself.

First choose a particular field and try it out and know whether it suits you or not through your experiences and move on to the next step. Next choose another site and try it out, learn a lot from it and implement your experience to take it to the next level.

This is the only real growth in you, and if you listen to the advice of others and change your process one by one, you will never have a proper grasp of anything until the end. The decision, the effort, the ideas should all be yours. In short self learning is what will improve you here.

It is better to focus on what you are going to do today rather than thinking about what will benefit us in the future as much as possible. A “never give up” attitude is very important here.
Thank you and 😊best wishes 👍…

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